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      3. About PPB Company General Situation Enterprise Culture Construction The cooperation with
        ¡¡¡¡Shanghai Jingyue Bearing Co., Ltd registered in Huanpu Dist.,Shanghai. Now, the company has a business area of 280Square meters and has warehouse in Lujiazui, Pudong .The hardware and software is excellent. The company has registered trade -mark of . trademark is the manufacturing, processing and trading mark registered in Germany that belongs to Europe-Asia International trade Co., Ltd (Germany). Shanghai Jingyue Bearing Co., Ltd is the unique appointed agent for products. product has been listed in development plan and rededicated by customers.
        ¡¡¡¡Shanghai Jingyue Bearing Co., Ltd is the formal agent appointed by in East of China, monopoly of outer spherical, the unique appointed distributor of and brand in China,the monopoly, also the largest distributor of Outer Spherical for in China. monopoly of outer spherical for in Shanghai region, the appointed monopoly of in Shanghai region , monopoly of series sleeve and wheel, automatic self-align clutch and the combination peculiarity bearing manufacturing for air conditioning. We are sincerely appreciate the supporting and wish customers feedback your demand and kinds of information to us, engineers of our company can provide kinds of consultations and technology services 365 days meanwhile 8760 hours.
        Our Policy:
        Lowering Cost Come to PPB!
        High Quality Come to PPB!
        PBB Service Time
        365 Days 8760 Hours

        The most stable price begins with Jingyue
        The truest price only Jingyue can make it

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